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[Booking Engine] Sales Module (000010006)

Increase your bookings by using Sales Module and save time while doing it!

Find out:
- what is the Sales Module?
- how to create stay opportunity in 4 easy steps
- according to which criteria offers should be selected
- how to prepare recalculation, the extras and discount in stay opportunity
- how does a contact list works land what is a Guest Profile contains
- how to monitor your sale and activate new offers

The training consists of seven chapters and will take approximately 1 hour.

For contents, see below

  • You don’t have to complete all parts at once. At any moment you can stop the training and continue later – the same or different day. When you return to training you’ll be transfer to recently visited screen.

  • You do not have to carry out the training in the indicated order. You can start with the topic you are interested in by clicking on the topic in the Table of Contents (see below ↓).

Each part will be open in a new window.

We wish you luck!
  • 1. What is Sales Module for?
  • 2. How do you send a Stay Opportunity?
  • 3. Offers in a Stay Opportunity
  • 4. Stay Opportunity with discounts and bonuses
  • 5. Recalculation and manual winning of Opportunities
  • 6. Contacts
  • 7. Other information
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed