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[Booking Engine] Advanced Training (000010002)

Welcome to the advanced training for Profitroom Booking Engine Users with administrative access.

Prepare your headphones. The training contains sound.

The training consists of four videos (screencasts), in which Samantha Williams, our Global Partnerships Manager, will explain to you how to fully utilize Profitroom Booking Engine.

For contents see below

After completing the training you will gain access to the knowledge test, after whose completion you will receive a Profitroom Certificate.

Attention! The training takes about a half an hour to complete.

  • You don’t have to complete all parts at once. At any moment you can stop the training and continue later – the same or different day.

  • You do not have to carry out the training in the indicated order. You can start with the topic you are interested in by clicking on the topic in the Table of Contents (see below ↓).

  • We wish you luck!

  • Profitroom Booking Engine - Reception
  • Profitroom Booking Engine - Settings
  • Profitroom Booking Engine - Prices and availabilities
  • Profitroom Booking Engine - Offers and vouchers
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed